Terms of Service

Please read carefully before purchasing!

Quick Note

By purchasing any of our services, you automatically accept our TOS (aka: Terms of Service). Please be aware of the fact that we may update this document anytime. We will be referring to VoidHost as “we” or “us” and the Customer as “you” or “user” or “company”.

Product Related Terms

After the initial purchase of the service, we provide the following resources to the user:

- Computing Power (CPU)
- A set amount of memory (RAM)
- An unmetered* amount of storage (Either HDD or SSD)
- An unmetered* amount of bandwidth (Either 250Mbit or 1Gbit)

We will provide the availability of the service for the prepaid amount of time, except in the case of violation.

We will not take responsibility for any Natural Disasters, outages and network interruptions occurred in the datacenter.

We have the right to temporarily, or permanently suspend or terminate your service, if violation* occurs.

We have the right to issue temporary service maintenances, at any time, with notice.

We take responsibility for any outages caused by us, resulting in a compensation of the affected user.

Data and Privacy Protection

Your information is your information. We will not disclose any of your information to any third-parties.

We are not responsible for taking backups, every user receives the option to do so in our administration panel.

Your data is your responsibility. We are not responsible for any damage caused by a third party.

We have the right to remove any inappropriate files, contained on the server.


An action is considered as a violation, in the case of the following:

- If the user stores inappropriate data on the server.
- If the user provides incorrect information about their identity
- If the user overloads the server on purpose

Fair Usage Policy

We do not limit your resources, however, we do have some fairly simple rules to follow:

- We strictly prohibit you to store anything else other than server related data on your server.
- We strictly prohibit you from purposely overloading our machines, doing so will result your server to be suspended, or even terminated.
- In case of your backup data, exceeding 50GB’s of storage space, we kindly ask you to move it over to an external server. Not doing so could result in the deletion of the files.


We have a 24 hour refund policy.

In the case of requesting a refund, a ticket shall be opened, and the exact reason shall be specified. In the case of not giving a reason, or giving an inappropriate reason, we have the right to deny the refund.


Every customer has a three day toleration time after the invoice due date, in which their service will still be operational.

Exceeding the toleration time will result in extra fees for reactivation and service suspension.

After fourteen days (counted from the invoice due date), we will immediately terminate your service, meaning your service data will be lost forever.